cerulifyre-deactivated20140320 asked: (( Hey! I wouldn't mind being the Sora for this blog if he's still free :D ))

Yeah, he’s free! Welcome to the group, then! ^^

pocketfulofsulphur asked: [ooc. Heya! I was in this group before about a year ago with the same character, but I had to withdraw. I was wondering if I could rejoin? I'd be more than happy to re-audition. Is there a specific form needed to submit an OC? Thanks for your time! <3 ]

Oh yeah, I remember~ I don’t think you need to re-audition, since you already have, though if you want to put together a character profile again you could (if you’ve made some changes about your character and the old one would no longer work— and I could send you the link to that if you need/want to check it). There’s no specific form right now, so anything will do.
It would be great to have you back, though!


Sora is now available. 

beepboopkeyblade-moved asked: (( Yes, I am in favor of that. (and since skype is a thing, arsenic-catfish is me) ))

Awesome~ welcome to the group, then! c:

madoumonogatariarle-moved asked: (( Ha, actually, I got impatient and made the blog already. o.o; He's over at beepboopkeyblade. ))

Ahh, sorry about that. Would you like to be added to the masterlist with that account, then~?

madoumonogatariarle-moved asked: (( i've been kinda tempted to make a data-sora. does he even count as a different character than regular sora? ))

Yeah, I would consider him different~ Would you like to reserve him?

EDIT: Sora is also available now, so if you’d prefer to be regular Sora, you could do that.

theskyandthedawn-deactivated201 asked: //I'm going to be on a fairly long hiatus. We're still packing since we have to be out by Friday, and with my laptop in front of me, I'd get nothing done anyways. That, and Mom doesn't want me on my laptop anymore until it gets fixed. Whatever the hell is wrong with it at least. I just might have to take it in or get a new one altogether. In all honesty, I might have to get an entirely new laptop so I won't be on unless Mom lets me use the desktop or her laptop.

Ahh, alright! I’ll mark you as on hiatus, then. Hope you have a safe trip and that your laptop can be fixed fairly soon~

Anonymous asked: Is this group still active? I've seen that one of my friends is a part of it, & since you allow OCs...I might be interested in signing up, but, I'm just curious if the members still sign on to roleplay & such...

Yes, the group is still active! And members are free to roleplay with non-group members, as well~

theskyandthedawn-deactivated201 asked: //So it's preferred to be on here only, but we CAN be on another? Trust me, I have nothing to do. Like...ever, so I could keep track of both of them all the time. Seriously, I'm on here from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed at like 3 am. >_> I'm so confused. @.@

Well, we haven’t let people do that before.. Do you know what the other group might think of it, though? They would need to approve as well. 

I don’t personally see a reason to if both groups allow out-of-group interaction, but if you’re set on it I think we could make an exception~

(Partially because you roleplay an OC, so you wouldn’t be taking up any canon characters that someone else may want in either group =u=;. That’s how I see it, at least. But you’d still need to have the other group’s approval as well.)

theskyandthedawn-deactivated201 asked: //Okay, so I have a question. Even if I'm on -this- masterlist, could I still be on the Twilight University masterlist so long as I don't neglect either masterlist? Or would y'all not prefer it? Because I know a couple of people that are telling me to just apply for Twilight University and not neglect either masterlists.

It would be preferred if you were just on one list. The masterlist is also a group, and it could cause problems and/or confusion since we’re not affiliated with the other group.

kairihikari asked: (Just realized I never gave you my skype! It's princessoflightkairi)

Haha, that’s alright, I also forgot to ask for it.. Thank you!

theskyandthedawn-deactivated201 asked: Oh! My skype name's brittniesue. I just don't have a mic or a camera, soooo. ._.

Alright, awesome! And that’s fine~ We normally just use the regular chat system on Skype.

Angel (OC)» 

Name: Angel Renee Smith (has also taken on Virgil Sparda as  a brother, so the last name may or may not change to his.)

Age: 18 years young~

Gender: Female

Appearance: Angel stands at a whopping 5 feet 5 inches and is approximately 120 pounds. She’s got short amethyst colored hair and lavender eyes. She loathes wearing makeup. People would be lucky to get her to wear makeup to a special occasion.

Personality: Angel is definitely a shy one, but she’s also very much out there and is willing to meet anyone. Whoever she does meet, after a while she’ll warm up and her natural cheeriness will show. Depending on who she’s talking to, she can be very socially awkward.

Family Background: Angel’s family is actually a bit complicated. Not many people are told, but her mother was a human and her father was a demon. She’s half and half. Only when protecting those she cares about, though, will her demon side show. Other than that, she’s a total sweetheart and no one would suspect a thing. Her parents ran out on her when she was a young girl. Her father first when she was twelve, then her mother when she was fifteen. Her  mixed races and her parents being gone is why Vergil Sparda has taken a bit of a liking to her and has allowed her to look up to him as a brother. Ever since, Angel’s been wandering around and exploring new places, making amazing new friends along the way.

Side Note: While roaming around, Angel stumbled upon Twilight Town and is currently trying to apply at Twilight University, where a couple of her friends, Sice and Zexion, are enrolled. She’s trying to get in with a scholarship to the choir program. She chose to enroll at TU because she would be close to a couple of her friends.

Anonymous asked: So wait, we CAN have OC's or we CAN'T?

You can, as long as you send in (submit) a roleplay sample (of what your roleplaying with your OC might look like) and a bio with some information about your character (obviously including their name and probably appearance, as well as background info and personality, etc). It will then be looked over, and if it’s approved, you can roleplay with the OC (this is to prevent any mary-sue characters, since those aren’t generally well accepted by the roleplay community for obvious reasons).